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    Are you ready for a step up?

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    A Climate for Achievement

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AIC Council is pleased to announce the purchase of the property pictured for AIC’s future boarding house.

The present policy will remain: students wishing to reside in AIC boarding are admitted to the boarding house if there is a vacancy. Should there be no place available, students are placed in homestay on a waitlist until a boarding house place becomes available.

The move to the new property will occur once it is ready for use. Students residing in AIC's current boarding house will be able to retain their place.


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Johnson (left) and Darren (right)
Johnson (left) and Darren (right)

Two Auckland International College students gained a perfect IB score in 2018 - Johnson Chen and Darren Nguyen both achieved 45 points out of 45 in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. To put this in context, a perfect score is achieved by less than 0.2% of candidates world-wide. Both Darren and Johnson have received offers from a number of top universities. Darren has chosen to study Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne on a full scholarship, Johnson is still deciding which university he will attend. 


Established in 2003, Auckland International College (AIC) is a NZ independent day and boarding school of approximately 300 students, which offers a 3-year senior secondary school education. AIC was established by OSHU CORPORATION. The company shareholders are major shareholder, OSHU CORPORATION, and minor shareholder, YAMANASHI GAKUIN SCHOOL CORPORATION. The specific focus of the school is to prepare students for entry to top universities worldwide. AIC is the only NZ school where all students study the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and it has the largest number of IB Diploma students in New Zealand.